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Radio Codes

When the radio is first powered up it asks for a code to be entered.  This is an anti-theft feature, as presumably if a thief steals your radio he won't have the code and the unit is worthless.  This means that if you disconnect your battery so that power is lost, after you reconnect it the radio asks for its code to be entered before it will operate.  

Each radio has its own customized code which may be either 4 or 5 digits.  When I bought my CD43 radio I was given a 4-digit code, whereas for my old C33 radio it was 5.  After some investigation I believe that actually the CD43 radio expects a 4-digit code if it is set for European operation, and a 5-digit code if set for the USA.  So if like me you have a 4-digit code but are in the USA, you must first set the area of operation to Europe before entering the code – otherwise you will not be able to set the code properly.

To enter a code you use the radio’s station preset buttons, which are numbered 1 through 6.  The method depends on whether you are entering a 4-digit or a 5-digit code:
  • To enter a 4-digit code you enter the first digit using button 1, the second using button 2, etc., pressing each button the number of times as indicated by the code.   For example: if the security code is 9341, you would press the 1 button nine times, then the 2 button three times, then the 3 button 4 times, and finally the 4 button once.
  • To enter a 5-digit code you press the station preset buttons in the order of the number. The digits are therefore limited to 1-6.  For example: if the code number is 35243, you would press station preset buttons 3, 5, 2, 4, 3 in order.
Once you enter the correct code the radio comes to life. If you enter the code incorrectly 3 times you will be unable to try again until after the radio is left powered up continuously for an hour.