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Instrument Panel Tests

With the engine off, press and hold the trip mileage reset button, and then turn the key to accessory position 2 (OBC and radio come on). The LED display on the instrument panel (which normally is the odometer) will change to tESt 01 and then will begin to cycle through several displays.  Release the button.  The display will continue to cycle through several displays. Here's the data my car displays:

Display Display Sequence Notes
363758 1 BMW Part No.
0000 2 Code No.?
7504 3 K No.?
nnnnn 4 Last 5 digits of VIN
230 5 Software Version
62 6 Revision Index Hardware No.

Finally, all LED elements will light, and all gauges will cycle once, and then the display returns to normal.

If you press the mileage reset button a second time in the middle of this test sequence you will access more tests.  Tests 2 through 4 are always unlocked and hence available. Tests 5 through 14 are normally locked -- to access these you must first unlock the display using test 15. Otherwise the display simply shows: --------.

Display Test Sequence Notes
n 02

Engine type: n = 2 for 4-cylinder engine, 3 for 6-cylinder, and 4 for 8-cylinder

nnnnnn 03

km traveled since last oil service reset.

nnnn 04

Age of car, in days

For tests 5 - 13, display must first be unlocked using sequence 15.
n 05

SI evaluation factor: n = 0 or 1 (over-rev), t= 0 or 1 (engine temp over heat)


Fuel level and coolant temp.  Displays hexadec codes relating to gauge position:

Fuel Gauge Hex value:
A (empty) ----> 0d
End of Reserve ----> 37
B ------>  54
C --------> 90
D --------->  c4
E (full) ------> f0

Engine Temp Hex value:
A -------> ce
B --------> 6d
C --------> 5c
D (center) ------> 4f-23
E --------> 1e
F ---------> 18


Current engine RPM


Current road speed in km/h

nnnnnn A 09

Distance - used to compare odometer mileage in the EPROM vs. the coding plug.  If the two values don't agree (for example, if one of these elements was replaced), the manipulation dot will illuminate. This function will synchronize the two readings to the highest value. Press and hold the reset button for 4 seconds, and the lower mileage reading will be overwritten by the higher, and the manipulation dot is cancelled.

bbbbbb 10

Status bits - input signal (0=low or 1= high):
1: seat belt: fastened =0
2: ignition lock: key inserted=0
3: door contact: door open = 0
4: clock button pressed = 0
5: SI reset = 0
6: EGS transmission failure = 0

bbbbbb 11

Status bits - output signals:
1: Gond output
2: Brake warning lamp
3: Low fuel warning lamp
4: EGA lamp
5: Seat belt lamp
6: manipulation dot

------ 12

Not used

nn 13

Country code of cluster (USA = 02)


Software reset

L On/Off 15

Lock Status (on or off). Press and hold the reset button for about five seconds until the display reads "OFF".  Now you can access test sequences 5 through 14.