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After-Market Parts

This is a history of parts purchased for my 2009 Audi S5:
1. Protech Jack Pad, purchased from Pure Motor Sports.  This lets me use my floor jack to lift the car at the pinch weld. 
2.  Set of four Rial 18-inch wheels with Dunlop WinterSport 3D tires, purchased from the Tire Rack.
3.  Front filler panel from to replace the stock panel used to mount US license plates.  Gives the car a much cleaner look, although it may open me up for a potential "fix it" ticket from the local constabulary.
4.   STaSIS rear anti-sway bar.  Bought and installed through Contiental Audi in Naperville, IL.
5.  Bought a set of  inexpensive19" wheels mounted with Bridgestone RE-11 tires (again, from TireRack) for use at the track rather then chewing up the stock Dunlops.
6.  Set of brake pads for track use.  The choices on the market for HPDE days as of March 2010 ar pretty limited: either Carbotech(XP8, XP10, or XP12) , EBC Yellowstuff, or Ferodo DS2500.  I decided to go with:
  • Front pads: Carbotech XP10, from Pure Motorsports.  After much research on the web and posting questions on various forums, the Carbotech pads were universally praised.  The same could not be said of the others.  Based on recomendations from Carbotech I decided to go with XP10's rather than XP12's because I run on street tires, not R-comps.   Carbotech is adamant that their pads must be used only with rotors that have either never been used with any other brand of pad, or that have been resurfaced (turned) to provide a fresh and flat surface.  From a practical point of view this means either having a dedicated set of track-only rotors, or using Carbotech street pads (Bobcats) in place of OEM.   For now,  because I do have an extra set of front rotors handy, I have opted to use the OEM street pads on on set of rotors, and the XP10's for the track on another set of rotors.
  • Rear pads: EBC Yellowstuff, from AJ-USA.  I decided to not go with Carbotech XP8's on the rear because of the "PITA" factor in terms of having to change rotors for track events, or the expense of investing in a set of Carbotech Bobcats for street use.  The EBC pads are a true track pad - from what I can tell based on various forum discussion the Yellowstuff may be better suited for this than the Ferodo DS2500's, and at a much more affordable price.
      Experience from the track show that there is a huge difference between these track pads and the stock pads.  I experience virtually no fade during typical 25 minute sessions.  I get about four HPDE weekendsout of a set of brake pads (couod probably stretch it more).
7.  STaSIS/Ohlins SL Coliover Suspension.  This is a set of adjustable coil overs that Continental Audi installed for me.  They lower the car about 1 inch.  handling is improved significantly - at Black Hawk Farms raceway I found that my lap times improved by about three seconds per lap!