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1986 528e (E28)

I bought my '86 528e new in November, 1985. I kept the car for 12 years, finally parting with it after I purchased my ’97 E36 328iC. It served well all those years, with relatively few significant repairs needed.

Follow the links for information on:
  • A stereo upgrade that I did in 1997  - replacing the stock radio with a Sony in-dash CD and adding new speakers - and also the wiring color codes for the stock system.
  • The installation of a sub-woofer under the rear seat of an E28 - this information has been provided by Paul Craven, from a posting he did on the bmwuucdigest in July, 2000.
  • Instructions for operating the OBC (On-Board Computer) - this topic comes up a lot on the various BMW e-mail digests.
  •  Instructions for adding a headlights-on warning chime, using the existing chime module.
  • Maintenance items - this page provides information on some of the maintenance I dealt with on the E28, incluidng some simple cosmetic items that can really improve the look of the car as it ages.