BMW and Audi Experiences

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Welcome to the EABJR Home Page - BMW and Audi Experiences

This site contains information I have found helpful as the owner of several BMW and Audi cars over the past 30 years.  Use the menu at the left.  Included in the BMW pages are tips regarding the On Board Computers (OBC), upgrades I've made to the stock stereo systems, the procedure for resynchronizing the top of the E36 convertible, and a collection of maintenence tips.  There is also a collection of links to sites that I use most often, and an online form you can use to submit suggestions.
In addition to the cars featured here I have also owned a 1973 Audi 100LS, 1979 BMW 320i, 1996 Audi A6, and 2007 Audi A6.
- ChipB

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